Two Dogs From Local Station Neutered

neutering Bulgarian street dogsOur aim is to neuter locally first and then move out to villagers a bit further away and to help in other areas where possible. So with that in mind we recently took a couple of dogs (one male and one female) from the local station to be neutered. They were both friendly and no trouble to catch if tempted with a little food. We collected them the evening before they were booked into be neutered. The female was in season and actually tied with the male when we went to catch them.

They both had a good meal that night and a warm bed out of the bitterly cold weather. The next morning we took them to the castration clinic and a couple of hours later picked them both up.

They stayed with us a couple of nights to ensure all was ok after the operations and as it was particularly cold weather. Then they were returned to the station where they live. We check on them regularly and take them some food. Both are doing well.

neutering Bulgarian street dogs

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