The Neuter Network - Bulgaria

The Neuter Network - Bulgaria

Bulgaria faces many challenges in dealing with the stray dog and cat population:

- There is a lack of effect municipal neutering programs
- Pet owners do not sterilise their animals and allow them to breed, dumping unwanted litters
- Village dogs are allowed to roam breeding unchecked
- Many dogs once kept on a chain to guard factories and construction works are being turned out, to fend for themselves and breed
- There is much need for education as to the benefits of neutering

Statistics show that in order to properly control the stray dog population, you need to sterilise 70% of the dog population within a particular area, then the probability of an un-sterilised female coming into contact with an un-sterlised male is sufficiently small that the population ceases to increase.
We believe that the only humane way to really tackle the stray dog and cat population in Bulgaria is by neutering both homeless dogs and also owned animals, together with education of the local population as to the benefits of sterilisation and animal welfare. We aim to offer free neutering to villagers who own dogs and cats, as well as basic education as to nutrition and health care of their animals and aid other organisations and individuals with neutering programs as well as sterilise as many stray animals as we are able to.

We hope to be able to offer access to free neutering at various locations through out Bulgaria and slowly help reduce the number of stray dogs and cats and work to eliminate the suffering that these animals have to endure.

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WHERE: Various locations

DETAILS: We are currently doing a few small scale neutering campaigns in a number of areas and neutering individual cases where we come across them.

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